Collection of art-wallpaper “Medusa”

About collection

The idea I do interior design and are always informed of new products and finishing materials. But in my interiors I used wallpapers extremely rare.  With few exceptions, they represent only a background for other things, designed to be in the foreground (pictures, mirrors, shelves, etc.). As a specialist in the layout of interiors and the applicability to them of different kinds of objects,  I’m  not satisfied with such situation. The interior is essentially an organized space inside the walls. The wall is a core element, not a side effect. Each object must have its meaning and purpose. So I set a natural semantic relationship between architecture and interior design. Now I present you in proud my first collection of art-wallpaper “Medusa”. It consists of 6 designs: Fraj, Amamoon, Teron, Pale, Surose, Sooara.



























Quality All collection of art-panels  is very practical. The material is a non-woven base covered with smooth vinyl. It is sturdy, durable, fade and moisture resistant. Wallpaper environmentally friendly, odourless, easy to wash. The material hides imperfections in the wall. Do not shrink, breathable. Produced in Poland.

Tips for applying The wallpaper is completely ready for installation on the prepared surface. Glue is applied to wall, not on a roll. It facilitates the work.

Acquisition and delivery Panels made to order. Production + shipping = 9 weeks. Shipping costs depend on the selected carrier.

Design: Maria Singhal

Collection: Medusa

Shell: Fleece

Coating: Vinyl (smooth surface)

Country of origin: Poland

Dimensions: 3 x 2.5 m; 3 х 3 m


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